Laura Marling – "Semper Femina"

Laura Marling – "Semper Femina"


Jag har länge varit ett hängivet Marling-fan, älskat i princip alla skivor, på olika sätt. Från folkigt till jazzigt till rockigt – i en enda härlig rörelse, med genomgående hög kvalitet.

Första singeln från nya skivan, “Semper Femina” (“Alltid kvinna” på latin), hette “Soothing” och var en mjuk, förförisk låt med en speciell video. Tre ytterligare singlar, “Wild Fire”, “Nothing, Not Nearly” och “Next Time” var också oerhört bra.

Särskilt gillar jag hur Marling så medvetet använder sin röst och sin musikaliska spännvidd. Singlarna är de starkaste låtarna, men skivan som helhet är också trevligt.

I won’t forget the late September
Where we danced among the midnight embers
But it’s going like a half-remembered dream

Left and north of where we met
Thinking better of going west
Yeah we’ve lost each other in a river stream

The only thing I learnt in a year
Where I didn’t smile once, not really
Nothing matters more than love, no
Nothing, no, not, nothing no, not nearly

We’ve not got long, you know
To bask in the afterglow
Once it’s gone it’s gone
Love waits for no one

I think your mama’s kinda sad
And your papa’s kinda mean
I can take that all away
You can stop playing it out on me
Me, me

She keeps a pen behind her ear
In case she’s got something she really really needs to say
She puts it in a notepad
She’s gonna write a book someday

Of course the only part that I want to read
Is about her time spent with me
Wouldn’t you die to know how you’re seen
Are you getting away with who you’re trying to be?
Trying, trying to be

Drawn in chalk across the floor
You made it yours
Your private door to my room
May those who find you find remorse
A change of course, a strange discord resolved

I need soothing
My lips aren’t moving
My God is brooding

I banish you with love
I banish you with love

You can’t come in
You don’t live here anymore

It feels like a long time since I was free
It feels like the right time to take that seriously
It feels like the trees are a peculiar green
It feels like the air is hung heavily

I don’t want to be the kind
Struck by fear to run and hide
I’ll do better next time

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